We Are One. If you scrape away the layers, we are all riders at the core. When we decided to form We Are One and manufacture carbon rims here in Canada, our product was only the key to a much larger vision. We believe that the bond between riders is the most fundamental aspect of cycling. It doesn't matter 

where you are from, where you are going, or what you are riding. We are united by our passion for the feelings that only riding a bike can bring. We Are One is born out of passion and commitment to the cycling community. We want to build mountain biking, not bank on mountain biking. We Are One!



We refuse to let any portion of our carbon production occur outside of our facility. Designing, testing, and creating our products in-house allows us to oversee every detail in the manufacturing process. With the latest modern machinery at our fingertips, we pride ourselves on creating nothing short of the best possible product. In-house production decreases development times, ensures we are on track with testing, and allows for immediate improvement.


We are committed to responsible manufacturing. We want to do our part to preserve the natural world we enjoy so much as cyclists. This starts with being conscious of our supply chain and working through our entire production process to reduce waste and foster responsible business practices. Not only do we make industry-leading carbon fiber products with minimal waste, but we are investing in solutions to reduce environmental impact through recycling carbon scraps and spent carbon products that have reached the end of their useful life.


We are creating The Movement. Mountain biking has shaped each of us at We Are One, and we want to share our passion with others. We want to give back to the sport that has given us so much. We Are One aims to develop grassroots riders, expose new generations of riders to mountain biking, and help communities grow healthier through cycling. We support riders and communities at the local level, pushing The Movement to spread the love of cycling worldwide.