What does this all mean?

In the end, our production process, engineering, and rigorous manufacturing controls allow only the highest quality carbon rim to come to life. Without any hesitation, we can confidently state that We Are One is setting the bar for quality, durability, and consistency.

Our team delivers on our mission, and there is no compromise throughout our process. It is what we are genuinely passionate about and why we chose to create a ground-up product and insisting on doing it right by designing the entire manufacturing loop. We are breaking new ground with our products and are very proud of what we accomplish.

You can be sure that when you buy, We Are One product that it is the best and nothing will be left to chance.



We spent nearly an entire year developing, testing, and implementing our production plan with one simple goal in mind: producing perfect, ride-ready parts every time. We don’t want to waste any of your time waiting for repairs or replacements. With experience in overseas carbon manufacturing, aerospace engineering, and CNC machining, we developed a dialed process for producing rims and wheels that give you unmatched quality and complete confidence every time.

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Rim production begins with having a fully operational machine shop where we make all of our own molds. Tight tolerances in machining lead to the most precise parts possible. Each rim is manufactured in its own mold, ensuring perfection and the highest degree of accuracy. This translates into a true rim right out of the mold; both radially and laterally perfect every time.


The motto on our manufacturing floor is "Quality in, quality out.” Having a precision CNC cutting machine allows us to replicate critical layup schedules. Consistency is one of our many priorities and with sharp cutting instruments we have minimal fiber disturbance and near perfect consistency in weight and design.

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Our layup is what separates us from the rest. We don’t cut corners or leave anything to chance. All of our rims are laid up in assigned molds and are only removed when fully cured. Our design has proven itself through relentless testing. All of our fiber is placed and remains exactly where we want it. No crimping, bridging, or fibers acting as filler. We use the most advanced layup design and the highest quality raw materials, pushing the boundaries of carbon manufacturing.


We have 100% accurate cure cycles. Milling specialty mold aluminum and curing in an oven allows us to create an even cure process across our rims. Our automated computer-controlled thermostats eliminate the chance for hotspots or uncured sections. With resin correctly crosslinked and toughened to the correct cure temperature, our rims are as strong as possible.

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All of our rims are lab tested in-house for impact, stiffness, and finish. They don’t go out the door unless they make the grade. Our rims are also put to the ultimate test by some of the world's best riders. Our wheels have been on the podium in all disciplines and at all levels. Our riders ensure that each product has what it takes to reach the pinnacle of performance, whether you’re a pro or a weekend warrior. We test all week and race to win on the weekends.


Being a small-batch manufacturer allows us to produce the absolute highest quality product. Each individual product must pass a twelve-point quality control check. During each production run, we test two rims from each batch for consistency and quality; checking the rims internal structure, compaction, stiffness, and impact durability.  Our passion for the highest quality shows in our finished product.

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